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How To Choose the Right Massage Part 3

In part one on How To Choose the Right Massage we discussed what are some things to consider when searching massage near me and looking over the reviews. In part two we discussed why locally family owed practices should be considered over franchises.

In part 3 we are going to discuss how to choose the right session and in part 4 we will look at how to choose the right therapist.

So, how do we choose the right session?

First let’s break them down into individual lengths of time. When you search spa near me or massage near me most places are going to offer 20 minutes, 50 minutes, 80 minutes or 100 minutes. Of course there will be some slight variation of this but that will be the standard you find.

First the 20-minute express is a session designed for focus work on one area. Let’s say you have headaches, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis or any other repetitive type injury, this is the session for you.

Your therapist is going to focus only on that spot or that condition and the main goal is results.

This 20-minute express session is designed to save you time, money and most importantly a measurable outcome.

The 50-minute session can be used multiple ways but too often I see it used totally wrong by the consumer.

The wrong way to use this session is to show up for your appointment and ask for a full body massage plus focus on your headaches and low back pain. It’s impossible to give you what you want and to acquire any sustainable results, there’s just not enough time.

In a 50-minute session if you were to do a full body massage, each body part would receive about 5 to 6 minutes of work and it would not be personalized at all, it’s really just a routine at this point that would be given to every client who wanted a 50 minute full body massage.

Here’s how you should use a 50-minute massage. If you have 2 areas of concern, say neck pain and sciatica. The therapist can split the session between the two areas to ensure quality work and results for the desired outcome. This session should have 2 areas of concern only, no more.

Now if you want to use the 50-miunte massage to relax, I do not recommend a full body massage in this session. There’s not enough time for a high-quality session. If you were to do a full body each area would receive approximately 5 minutes per area.

So, if you are trying to relax and only have time for a 50-minute session, do what I call a 5-star session. This will hit all the key areas that will lead to deep relaxation and those areas will get more attention each.

The 5-star session would include the Neck into the scalp, hands, feet and back. The reason I call the 5-star session is it’s a 5-star service and if you use your imagination it looks like a star.

Ok, so let’s move on to the 80-minute session. This my favorite as a provider and a receiver.

The 80 minute is perfect if you a have a place or two of concern and if you want to relax.

In this session the therapist has plenty of time to make a big impact on injury recovery, repetition ware and tear, or to take you in to deep relaxation.

The therapist also can plan the time more appropriately if you want a full body by being able to decrease some time on certain body parts and increasing on others to offer the desired outcome of a blissful session.

The other great thing about the 80-minute session is that it allows the client, you, to go deeper and to relax more fully. It doesn’t feel so rushed and it gives you time to just fully let go. Some of the shorter sessions feel like you up getting dressed directly after you have lied down.

The 80-minute session is the best choice all around for therapist and receiver, hands down.

Now the big 100-minute session. It’s great for the receiver who has the time and money to receive. Everything that was said about the above sessions can just be tossed into the 100-minute session.

As a receiver of the 100-minute session there’s nothing you can’t get out of it, so for you it’s perfect, right. Enough said!

But for the therapist on the other hand, it is a tough session. It is long and the therapist body id going through a lot as well as the emotional components that can sometimes take place in body work sessions.

Some therapist won’t even do 100-minute sessions for the toll it takes on their body. So, if you are fortunate enough to receive a 100-minute session from a quality therapist, you better tip them big time!

Ok, quick recap.

20-minute is affordable and can be used consecutively for a result driven outcome of a certain condition.

50-minute is for 2 body parts max for quality outcome or the 5-star approach for relaxation.

80-minute is perfect, perfect and perfect for therapist and client both, for whatever is needed.

100-minute session is so nice for the receiver and anything can be accomplished for that time frame, just remember it is hard on the therapist.

At Lapis and Oak Spa and Salt Lounge in Henderson NV, we have the most experienced and talented body workers who can offer you any of the above.

Call today or Book Now and see which session is the best option for your wellness needs.



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