L&O is a luxury day spa providing individually crafted massages and facials with experienced bodyworkers and an upscale, exclusive Salt Therapy Lounge. Our standards are centered around quality with value, delivering authenticity with every interaction.

It’s time to prioritize your mind, body, and spirit, and there’s no better place than Lapis & Oak Spa and Salt Lounge in Henderson, NV. Whether you’re seeking a relaxing massage, relief for chronic aches and pains, respiratory therapy, or even planning a bridal shower, we’re here to provide an unforgettable experience. Schedule an appointment today!

Lapis & Oak is more than just a spa. It’s a place of well-being, offering individually crafted massages and skincare by licensed and skilled experts. Quality, value and authenticity are standard.

Taking care of yourself should be accessible and affordable. Book massage, skin care and salt therapy in our six treatment rooms at our Henderson Spa and Salt Therapy Lounge, and enjoy our unrivaled ambiance designed for relaxation and enjoyment. Every staff member and aspect of our spa has been selected with you in mind.

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Simple yet supremely beneficial, salt therapy is something we recommend for nearly anyone. Who doesn’t want to spend an hour reclining, drifting into a relaxed state, all while breathing in gentle, healing air? Visit Lapis & Oak’s active salt room and your mind, lungs, even skin will soon thank you.

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Prenatal massage can offer many health and wellness benefits to expecting mothers. From reducing common discomforts of pregnancy to promoting emotional well-being, prenatal massage can ease your mind and body as you prepare to give birth.

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