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Chronic Pain Services

  1. Relieve stress and anxiety

In today’s modern world, there seem to be more stressors than ever before. Taking time out from your busy schedule to come into your favorite spa can help to reduce the amount of stress you are feeling.

  1. Relieve of lower back pain

Lower back pain is a common complaint among many people, especially as they age. When severe enough, this kind of pain can lead to missed work or disability. Massage therapy can be effective in decreasing pain in your lower back, and in decreasing the disability associated with it.

  1. Reduce pain all over your body

While lower back pain is very common, pain in other areas can also be treated with massage therapy. Common areas where clients seek relief from pain are the neck, the shoulders, knee and hip joints, and other areas of the body. There are many causes for pain, and our massage therapists are highly trained and experienced to help clients with pain caused by a range of conditions including arthritis, cancer, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, myalgia, carpel tunnel syndrome, headache, trauma, injury and so much more.

  1. Sports massage

Massage, particularly a special sports massage, can help with conditioning, range of motion, and flexibility, as well as speed up recovery from muscle injuries.



  1. Improve flexibility

For athletes and non-athletes alike, massage can improve the range of motion and flexibility of your muscles. Massage helps to stimulate blood circulation around your muscles, which increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients to your muscles, leading to increased flexibility, among other benefits.

  1. Relieve tension headaches

Tension headaches are a very common type of headache. They are believed to be caused when the muscles contract in the neck, face, scalp, and jaw. One of the major causes of tension headaches is stress. Massage therapy can help reduce the tightness of the muscles and alleviate the pain caused by tension headaches.

  1. Reduce depression

There are many reasons for depression, and treating depression takes a long-term collaborative approach that involves many care providers. Massage therapy can play a role in helping patients with depression, particularly with depression that may be related to illnesses or chronic pain.

  1. Boost your immunity

Research has indicated that a Swedish massage may help boost your immunity by increasing the type of cells that fight off viruses

  1. Improve stability and quality of life in older adults

Many older adults face health issues as they age. Massage can help reduce the negative effects of dementia, high-blood pressure, osteoarthritis, and a host of other health issues. In addition, it is shown to promote relaxation and stability among older adults.

  1. Improve overall Health and Wellbeing

Many other benefits come from receiving regular body work such as Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Thai Massage and others. But we wanted to keep this as short as possible but offer you some insight to why you should choose the right spa for your overall wellness needs.

At Lapis and Oak Spa and Salt Lounge, our therapist all has over 2 decades of experience and are highly trained professionals with diverse capability to either help you relax, increase sports performance or rid you of your chronic pain.

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