Finding the right massage, spa, or massage therapist can be challenging, especially if you don’t receive body treatments regularly.

Let’s first look at the Google Search option, massage near me.

The age of social media has made reviews important, but it is important to remember that reviews can be subjective. So, what do we want to look for in our reviews outside the obvious when it comes to the best spa near me?

How about cleanliness?

Body Treatments require a high level of cleanliness. In most spas, salons, and clinics, the facility’s cleanliness and the staff aren’t up to par. Therefore, when searching for spas nearby and reading the reviews, keep an eye out for cleanliness, attention to detail, and atmosphere.

How about customer service and staff interaction?

Whenever you search for massage near me and read reviews, remember to judge the massage for yourself. This is where you can appreciate a person’s perspective when it comes to service and staff interaction. As far as staff interaction goes, most people understand things like “nice, friendly, caring, etc.”. Of course, this is subjective, but not in the sense of judging whether a massage session is 4 or 5 stars.

There’s a good chance that if you see reviews about cleanliness, friendly staff, and great bodywork, you should go there.

At Lapis & Oak Spa and Salt Lounge in Henderson, NV, we are proud of our 5-star reviews, which praise our outstanding staff, cleanliness, and attention to detail.

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