Project Description

Take the time to enjoy a massage that you and your significant other can enjoy together before your big day and get a sense of closeness and relaxation. There is a custom massage for him as well as a Prenatal Massage for her.

A custom massage is ideal for all guests. It’s the best for ultimate relaxation. This custom massage begins with a one-on-one consultation. A wellness plan will be created for areas of concern and specific needs. From injury recovery, relaxation to detoxification, our massage therapist will be able to target specific goals and create your ideal custom massage.

With customization, guests can enjoy a combination of massage techniques and modalities that best suit their needs and preferences.

In addition to our prenatal massage, we also offer an exclusive foot treatment for mothers-to-be during their pregnancy. Female spa guests are required to be in their second or third trimester to receive the prenatal massage.

Our massage therapists use a very special and unique pregnancy cushion and headrest designed to make you feel safe and comfortable throughout your treatment. This specially-designed pregnancy cushion prevents pressure from being placed directly on the abdomen, allowing enough space to comfortably accommodate the growing belly.