Project Description

A custom massage is ideal for all guests. It’s the best for ultimate relaxation. This custom massage begins with a one-on-one consultation. A wellness plan will be created for areas of concern and specific needs. From injury recovery, relaxation to detoxification, our massage therapist will be able to target specific goals and create your ideal custom massage. Customization allows guests to experience a combination of massage techniques and modalities that best suit their needs.

  • Hot Stone $10
  • Muscle Rub/Battle Balm $10
  • Cryotherapy $10
  • Muscle Blading $10
  • Theragun Percussion Therapy $10
  • Aromatherapy $10
  • Cupping Trio $10

Cupping Therapy– Promotes healing, reduces inflammation and pain, strengthens the body, and restores mind-body balance, relaxation, and well-being. Lasting 10-15 minutes, customized and adapted to your individual need. $25

Boheme Sauvage Scalp Treatment – This organic, warm ultra-luxurious scalp treatment allows the skin and hair follicles to absorb nutrients while promoting healing support and hydration. Warm towel & scalp massage included. $20

Knesko 24k Gold Face or Eye Mask– Treat yourself to a restorative Knesko Gold mask experience with 24K Colloidal Gold to soothe, protect, and reduce inflammation—restoring a youthful appearance. $25 / $50

Invigorating Foot Treatment – A three in one enhancement all on your feet! One of our most popular add-ons among pregnant individuals. Includes percussion therapy, muscle rub, and muscle scraping. $15