Published On: November 17, 2022

With fast food, bad habits, and lots of stress keeping us from leading a healthy lifestyle, you might be interested in a spa where you can find bliss and relaxation. You can improve your body and mind in a number of ways by visiting Lapis & Oak Spa, a luxury day spa situated in Henderson, NV.

Lapis & Oak Spa and Salt Lounge

Six benefits to help make you aware of what visiting Lapis & Oak has to offer:

Having the ability to disconnect completely

The modern world makes it difficult to escape the responsibilities of everyday life, even on vacation. Spa experiences can facilitate this process and promote relaxation, leading to a sense of well-being.

back massage

Improve your blood circulation

It is well known that spa treatments increase blood circulation in the body, so that nutrients and oxygen flow through your entire system. Your sense of well-being will be improved as a result of the boost in your blood flow, and you will be feeling more energetic.

improving circulation

Stimulation of the lymphatic system

A massage stimulates your lymphatic system, which helps your body eliminate toxins that cause tiredness more effectively. This will give you energy, relieve stress, and release serotonin, which makes you feel good.

Lapis & Oak Spa and Salt Lounge

Bonding Session when you visit 

Spas are not just for individuals anymore; they are also great places for groups to go out together. There are even spas that offer customized treatments for groups or couples.

best friends spa day

Healthy, clear, and glowing skin

Facials are an excellent way to exfoliate your skin and give it a youthful, healthy glow. A facial treatment promotes skin cell regeneration and refines pores to improve the skin’s appearance and feel.

women receiving a facial at Lapis & Oak


Pain Relief

A spa treatment can relieve arthritis pain, muscle spasms, ligament injuries, and neurological complaints. Massages can also release trapped nerves and relax muscles under tension.

Theragun Recovery Massage


Relaxation of body and mind

Relaxation and spa treatment are conducive to reducing stress. The best way to relax physically and mentally is to have a spa treatment.

The number of mental health issues has increased alarmingly in recent years. Regular spa visits will help you avoid becoming part of this statistic. Apart from clearing your mind, spa treatments also improve your sleep. A good night’s sleep reduces stress and improves mental health.

Take advantage of these benefits at Lapis & Oak Spa and Salt Lounge, where you can forget everything and relax.

woman with back being brushed on massage table

Embrace the spa lifestyle

Whether it’s a massage, facial, or wellness service, indulge yourself in luxury and self-care. We welcome guests into affordable and accessible solace at Lapis & Oak, a luxury day spa near the Las Vegas Strip. We offer authentic and unmatched service in an environment that promotes relaxation, healing, and comfort. Relax in our Salt Lounge or Relaxation Room while enjoying the stress-free and hospitable environment L&O offers its guests.

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Visit the spa for relaxation

Choose treatments from our extensive spa menu, or contact us for tailor-made packages.

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