Published On: August 1, 2022

What if we told you we knew a skin treatment that would increase blood flow, unclog your pores, stimulate your nervous system, and leave you with glowing skin…all without creams, oils or medicine? Dry brushing offers all of this, with no special substance or high-tech equipment needed. Just you, a quality natural bristle brush and a few minutes of your time.

three natural brushes for dry skin

You can even enjoy your first dry brushing experience during a Lapis & Oak body treatment and then make it a daily practice at home. We work as gently or as vigorously as you prefer, using clean, natural brushes and careful, intentional brushing movements across your body.


Improve Your Skin and Health


Exfoliation is essential! Our Lapis & Oak estheticians will remind you of this often, and for good reason. Whether you’re getting a treatment with us or you’re working on your skin in the shower with a loofah and some soap, perhaps some micro scrubbing beads or particles mixed in, it’s an important habit to adopt. As with other exfoliation methods, dry brushing scrubs away dead skin cells and reveals the smoother, youthful skin already existing beneath.


The benefits of dry brushing – outside the shower or bath – are numerous. First, you can improve circulation while eliminating the hot water use that can strip away moisture. Dry brushing will also unclog your pores and stimulate lymphatic movement. Anecdotally, many people have also experienced reduction in cellulite appearance. In addition, moisturizers and other beauty products applied after treatment will be more readily absorbed, possibly increasing their overall effectiveness.

woman in bed wearing blue pajamas using dry brush on leg

A Thousand-Year Tradition


Dry brushing as a way to achieve the youthful, ruddy glow of clean, freshly stimulated skin has a long history. Across Ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece, various methods of dry or semi-dry skin cleansing were quite popular. In fact, to begin their multi-step bath ritual, an Ancient Roman’s skin would be cleaned head to toe with a strigil – a curved metal instrument usually made of bronze – and a bit of olive oil.


In Ayurvedic practice, “garshana” is performed with a dry bristle brush or with silk gloves and is intended to stimulate cleansing and movement of the lymphatic system. Traditional Chinese Medicine includes using dried silk squash fibers – what is often today called loofah – to purify the lymphatic system and drain toxins into the colon.

lapis and oak

But Will it Hurt?


Does the idea of brushing your skin without added lubricants seem unappealing? Let’s talk about sensitive skin. While a few people should avoid dry brushing altogether, primarily if they have highly sensitive skin and/or various skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, most will find this therapeutic intervention beneficial. Just ensure you avoid brushing over broken or irritated skin and focus on the body rather than the face.


Extra care can be taken to add a bit of moisture during treatment or after to lessen over-stimulation. You can also try a gentle exfoliating scrub instead. As with any body treatment, if you’re concerned about how your skin will react to dry brushing, start slow and gentle and see how it will work for you.


Your First Dry Brushing Experience


Several of our Lapis & Oak experiences incorporate dry brushing. Ask your therapist whether you can add it as an option or choose a specific body treatment that already includes it, such as the Liberate Ritual, one of our most popular treatments. This treatment begins with full body dry brushing, followed by our Liberate body scrub blended with 100% pure essential oils and herbal infusions. We then lock in moisture with warm organic oil, leaving you with soft, hydrated skin.

woman with back being brushed on massage table

As has been known for centuries, dry brushing is a minimal-cost, low-effort skin intervention that leaves you invigorated and with improved feelings of health and appearance. What’s not to love?

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