Published On: June 19, 2023

Enhance Your Massage Experience at Lapis & Oak Spa

While massages offer an excellent way to relax, you may sometimes feel a bit anxious, especially if it’s your first session or if you worry about a stranger touching you. At Lapis & Oak Spa and Salt Lounge, we understand these feelings, and as a result, we want to ensure your massage experience calms you as much as possible. Here are some specific suggestions to help you relax and maintain a state of serenity during your massage.

back massage at Lapis & Oak Spa

Effective Communication

Start by discussing your massage details with your therapist before the session. Our expert therapists at Lapis & Oak take the time to understand your unique needs and preferences. We’ll ask about your preferred pressure, which areas you’d like us to focus on, and any concerns you may have. By openly communicating, you can ease any anxiety and ensure the massage suits your comfort level.

Deep Breathing

Moreover, focus on your breath during the massage. Deep, intentional breathing helps release tension and clears your mind. At Lapis & Oak, we create a serene atmosphere to facilitate deep relaxation. Therefore, our softly lit treatment rooms, soothing scents, and tranquil background music contribute to the perfect ambiance for unwinding. Take slow, deep breaths, inhale tranquility, and exhale any stress or tension.

Embrace Serenity with Closed Eyes

To fully immerse yourself in the experience, keep your eyes closed throughout the massage. Our peaceful surroundings and gentle lighting encourage a sense of tranquility. By eliminating visual distractions, you allow your senses to fully embrace the massage sensations. Consequently, surrender to our therapists’ expert touch, and let your body and mind enter a state of deep relaxation.

Embrace Self-Acceptance

Furthermore, at Lapis & Oak, body image concerns should never hinder your ability to relax during a massage. Our therapists are highly skilled professionals who prioritize creating a safe and nurturing environment for all clients. We celebrate body diversity and believe that everybody deserves respect and care. Rest assured that our therapists focus on providing personalized healing based on your unique needs and do not judge your appearance in any way.

Trust in the Expertise of Our Therapists

Furthermore, our team of therapists at Lapis & Oak has extensive training and experience in a wide range of massage techniques. Whether you prefer a Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, or a specialized treatment, our therapists have the knowledge and expertise to deliver a truly transformative experience. Trust in their skill and let go of any worries. Focus on their soothing hand movements and the therapeutic benefits they bring.

Experience Relaxation Beyond the Massage

At Lapis & Oak, we believe in providing a holistic spa experience that extends beyond the massage table. Before and after your session, take advantage of our serene and inviting spa facilities. Indulge in the soothing ambiance of our Salt Lounge, where the air infuses beneficial minerals and negative ions, promoting relaxation and rejuvenation.

By following these suggestions and embracing the nurturing environment at Lapis & Oak, you can enhance your massage experience and achieve a deeper state of relaxation. Our dedicated team is here to ensure your comfort and well-being throughout your time with us. Trust in our expertise, surrender to the healing power of touch, and allow yourself to be transported to a place of profound serenity.

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